This is a place I call a second home! I love the workouts, but I love the people even more!
Melissa B.
East Haddam
I come to the gym everyday because the coaching staff is dynamic, personal and professional. It’s the best part of my day!
Cindy C
East Haddam
I am mentally and physically stronger as a result of joining CFHO. Great coaches and supportive community makes this work.
Susan L
I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years. I am challenged to try things I've never done before and I'm no longer bored with my workouts. Coach Andrew takes a personal interest in each member's progress. I love this place. I feel great!
Leslee W.
East Haddam
Since joining CrossFit High Order, I have felt a part of a community where both the coaches and other members care about you. I dearly miss the community while away at school and cannot wait to be back in the gym when I return home in December.
Steph L.
East Haddam, CT

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